Sep 13 2004

Smart software.

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A while back Phrixus asked me to make a backup of his gallery because he was moving webhosts and I could download his vast gallery rather rapidly at work.

He has now just asked me to upload his gallery to his now site (URL temporarily unavailable), and I’m now getting the same feeling of awe that I got when I downloaded the gallery.

Why am I getting this feeling? Simple… I’m using SmartFTP for doing the FTPing. SmartFTP Allows you to setup a global transfer queue. You can the specify how many concurrent connections it should use for up/downloading the queue and the you let it do its thing.

From that point on the process is fully automated. If a connection fails it will retry after a short pause. Because it is using concurrent connections, it just flies through the list of files. But its not just the automation that makes it a pleasure to use! SmartFTP doesn’t just go off and do the work, it also provides useful feedback to the user. such as which files are being processed, which files have failed, which files and left in the queue and also a graph of the transfer rates.

The net result (pardon the pun) is pure FTPing pleasure!

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