Nov 25 2004

Funniest American Quote!

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I was listening to the news on the radio this morning and heard the funniest quote from the American Secretary of State, Colin Powell. He was speaking on the current state of affairs in Ukraine re: their disputed government elections.

Colin Powell said that the US cannot accept the result as they had not investigated the allegations of fraud in the voting.

Err…. how did George W. Bush get into presidency in America? Wasn’t that election fraud? And how many U.N. election investigators did he allow to check the results? Wasn’t it a big echoing ZERO?

But then the guy that lost in the Ukrainian elections was pro-American, so you can’t really expect America to stand by and do nothing…. is that the sound of B-52 engines I can hear warming up?

If only the Americans were as pasionate about election fraud as the Ukrainians the world might be a safer place right about now.

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