Feb 08 2005

First Day of Lent Tomorrow

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Today is Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake day as it’s more commonly known. Which means that in my house tonight we’re going to be gorging ourselves on pancakes, yum :)

That also means that, traditionally, from tomorrow until Easter day is Lent, a period of fasting (starving yourself). My sister, whilst she doesn’t fast, gives up chocolate, sweet, crisps and shop bought cakes (she claims homemade cakes are ok as you use up energy making them and they’re generally healthier than the shop bought version). So I to am planning on giving up something for Lent.

I have been thinking about this quite hard but can’t figure out what to give up. I thought about chocolate but I don’t eat much, so that wont be such a hardship. I could try giving up caffeine but as I am an addict I’m not sure I would be able to manage the full period of Lent (I recently read an article in National Geographic about caffeine addiction) and I think my work would suffer. But Lent is supposed to be a period of hardship and self determination, so I am considering not completely giving up caffeine but simply reducing it to the amount which I require to keep going rather than a cup every 10 minutes.

Whilst I would still be able to function I would also be pushing my body and mind, and I might even reduce my addiction to a manageable level… a level at which I may be able to quit without seriously harming my working life…. or maybe I’ll just give up the junk food.

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