Jan 04 2006

No New Years Resolutions

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Several people have ask me (as is the custom for western people at this time of year) what New Years resolutions I have made. It seems that, to most people, not making resolutions is absolutely unthinkable but this is exactly what I have done. However, I have managed to get myself into a rather paradoxical situation.

A year or two ago I got fed up with making New Years resolutions only to forget about them or break them within the same week. I also decided that New Years day is a complete abitrary point in time to be setting a resolutions to better yourself, surely a better time would be your birthday or, if you’re a christian, christmas day (the day Christ was born to change the earth for the better) or Easter day (the day Christ die to save us from our sins).

So I set myself a experiment to test a hypothesis. My hypothesis is that it is not possible to keep a New Years resolution and therefore it is pointless to make them in the first place. The way a I would test my hypothesis was to make a New Years resolution to never again make a New Years resolution. As a result my paradoxical situation is this:

If I make another New Years resolution I will have proved my hypothesis right and it is therefore pointless making New Years resolutions as you can never keep them. However, if I never make another New Years resolution I will have proved my hypothesis wrong and it is possible to keep New Years resolutions and therefore you should make them.

Disclaimer: This is only meant to be a bit of fun. I haven’t been spending the last few years in torment over this situation and it really doesn’t both me whether I break New Years resolutions or not… I just think this is a neat explanation as to why I don’t make New Years resolutions.

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