Mar 01 2005

WordPress Upgrade

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This is an old article and the information contained within it may be out of date, not reflect my current views and/or contain broken links. If you feel this article is still valid and requires updating, you can use the contact form to let me know. However, I make no guarantee that it will get updated.

You may have noticed that the look of my website has changed. That is because I have just upgraded to WordPress 1.5.

Before I did the upgrade I stripped out everything from my hosting server, and I mean everything! I grabbed a backup from my hosting control panel (which, incidentatlly, took one hour to generate) and then set to work deleteing. I deleted all my sub-domains, all my email accounts, all my log files and all my website files. The only thing I kept was my existing WordPress database with all my posts and comments.

Then I uploaded WordPress 1.5 and set to work installing my required plugins. Next I had to upload all the images and files I link to from my blog only this time I have got them neatly arranged in a wp-upload directory. Having uploaded all the files I spent the next couple of hours re-creating all the links that I killed in the process.

Hopefully everything is as it should be. However, if you find a broken link then please let me know as the chances are I don’t know about it.

I’ve also managed to re-gain about 120Mb of space. I found that the Urchin stats page that my hosting company provides has generated a huge amount of data (120Mb to be roughly accurate) which was eating into my hosting. Why the hosting company couldn’t tell me this before I upgraded I don’t know!

The only thing that I have’t put back online is my gallery and I’m not sure yet if I will. There isn’t yet any decent integration with WordPress so I think I’ll hold off until there is.

As with any spring clean that I do with my website it will probably go on for some time.. so don’t be supprised if the site looks different next time you swing by.

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