Mar 03 2005

Movie Night

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Last night and every Wednesday night is Movie night at Eden – a bar at the back of town. Last night they were watching Bridget Jones Diary 2.

Please note that I have been trying to aviod this film like the plague and I had no prior knowledge that they were going to be showing that film!

Any way, it was a really good evening. I’d been to a previous movie night at Eden, and its so nice to be able to go watch a film and have drinks and fod brougt to you… its great. The atmosphere is like watching a film at home with some mates… only with drinks on tap. Well worth the £10 that I paid for drinks.

The film itself? It was the biggest load of self-indulgent self-pittying tripe I have seen. I will admit that some parts of it were funny, and some things in it I could relate to. But the film as a whole self-contain unit left a lot to be desired. And I’m glad I’ve been trying to aviod it. I only wish I could have avioded it for longer.

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