Mar 04 2005

More Rounds and Some Call Changes

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Tonight I had a go at ringing four rounds. The first round was a straight round rung on the front six, I took the second bell and I must say it was a bit dismal compared with how I have rung before. Then again I was warming up as it was a very cold evening in the tower.

The second round was another straight round but this time I was on bell six. This one was much better than the first round and I was able to take my eyes off the person ahead of me and to start looking at the preceeding people to try and get a feel for the whole rythm.. not just the bell in front of me.

The third round I played on six again, only this time David introduced call changes. This is when I change places with the bell that is ringing either in front or behind me (depending on the call), I don’t physically change bells I change the order inwhich they are rung. This didn’t go too bad but I was having to correct myself alot to get into the correct ringing position.

The fourth round was again to have a go at some call changes and I chose to ring on bell four. It wasn’t until everyone else had taken up position that I was told that bell four was the worst to ring in the tower… how bad can it be? Very bad. I was constantly under ringing and we only managed to get one change in because I was so all over the place.

Note to self:- Avoid bell four!!!

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