Apr 14 2005

Do You Pass The Acid2 Test?

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Yesterday the Web Standards Project (WaSP) announced the release of their Acid2 browser test. The Acid2 test is designed to test browser compliance with the standards for HTML4, CSS1, PNG image rendering and Data URLs.

The test gives the user a reference rendering so that they can see what their browser should be rendering.

Acid2 Reference

One thing that they are missing from the site is examples of what current browsers render the test as… so here are a few from browsers that we’re running in my office:

Firefox 1.0.2:
Firefox 1.0.2

Firefox (trunk build):
Firefox Trunk 2005-03-20

Mozilla 1.7.5:
Mozilla 1.7.5

Opera 7.54 U2:
Opera 7.54

Opera 8 Beta:
Opera 8 Beta

Internet Explorer 6:
Internet Explorer 6

As you can see none of the browsers are fully compilant but the Gecko powered browsers (Firefox and Mozilla) are probably the closest. Internet Explorers effort is absolutely appauling… how can they even continue to distribute it?

I would have liked to have got a screenshot from Safari as Dave Hyatt is blogging his work on fixing the bugs in that browsers, but we don’t have a Mac in the office. Maybe someone could provide me with a screenshot?

Phrixus has provided my with a screenshot from Safari on Mac OS X (not sure what version):

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