Aug 03 2005

Will IE7 Pass The Acid2 Test?

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The Acid2 test is a page that has been set up by the Web Standards Project to check just how compliant browsers are to the CSS2 web page layout standards.

So, will IE pass the Acid2 test? In a nut shell… not in Beta 1 or Beta 2. A post appeared on the IEBlog outliens some of the layout bugs which have been identified with IE and which they are working towards fixing (probably in IE7 Beta 2). However, it says that the IE7 team is not specifically working towards passing the Acid2 test, as the person that wrote the post says that the Acid2 test is designed to test a “wish list” of CSS2 features not just the essential features.

Personally I’m taking this as a step forwards for Microsoft but that the IE7 team is being put under real pressure to get IE7 out of the door as soon as possible… maybe Firefox is scarring the bosses? If the IE7 team has to cut corners on the CSS2 front then I hope the CSS2 feautres that get the chop are left out completely rather than being badly implemented and requiring web developers to do nasty hacks and browser sniffing just to get their web pages working with IE7.

I’ve previously posted about this here and here.

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