Oct 04 2005


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It was reported a while back on Slashdot that Microsoft was in talks with Time Warner to buy a stake in AOL.

Well, the coin finally dropped for me today. Doesn’t Time Warner AOL own Netscape? You know… the “other” browser that Microsoft was battling so hard with in the Browser wars of the 1990′s. So where does this leave Netscape? In the hands of the evil behemoth that is Microsoft?

Given that Netscape 8 has a ability to run off either a Mozilla or IE backend will the Mozilla backend option be dropped if Microsoft manages to get its sticky fingers on Netscape and assimilate it into the Borg?

This is purely speculation and I guess only time will tell…. in the meantime, elsewhere in cyberspace, you may be interested to know that:

  1. Opera is now available for free… and this time there are no banners!
  2. The FireFox team are preparing for the release of FireFox 1.5 Beta 2

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