Apr 26 2005

More Repairs Required

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Once again my bike is in the garage being fixed. This time it is the oil return pipe that has given up the ghost. Friday even I noticed that it was leaving oil marks on the wet road but assumed this was because the heavy rain was washing some of the old oil off the engine block. After riding it Saturday morning I noticed that the occasional drip had become more frequent, so I called the Millard & Co. for some advice (and to order some new tyres).

I was advised to take the bike there immediately to be checked out. Upon arriving at Millards I was greated with a “How the hell didn’t you come off your bike?!?!?”. It seems that the dripping of oil hard turned into a torrent and the engine must have been running virtually dry.

It turns out that the Header Cooler Oil Hose had split meaning that the oil that should have been going to the top of the cylinder headers to cool the engine was in fact spewing out over the engine which isn’t so effective for cooling. Not only that, but the oil that the bike had been loosing was also all over the back tyre (luckily I’m getting new tyres) which could have resulted in a nastey accident.

I have decided that following my trip to Norway this summer I shall be selling my bike and getting a new one, I’m thinking either a street bike like a Bandit or a big (200cc) vespa scooter. If anyone is interested in buying my GSX-R I’m open to offers and can be got at aidy at gringod dot com.

Update: I found out that a friend of my sister is selling her bike for 2500 for a (I think) 2004 bike. I may ask if I can have a look at it as that is in my post-Norway budget range for a new bike.

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