May 03 2005

MojaviBuilder Has Subversion Hosting

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I recently signed up for a free Subversion hosting account with CVSDude for hosting MojaviBuilder. I have also made some initial commits to the repository to get the ball rolling.

Unfortunately the free account from CVSDude only allows for one developer account per project. They do, however, say that non-commercial projects can get free account upgrades, so I’ve sent them an email asking for extra accounts, I didn’t, however, ask for extra storage space as I would like to keep the source code to MojaviBuilder tight so I’m going to try to stick to the 2Mb limit.

I sent the request at about 11am GMT and I haven’t heard anything back yet, which isn’t really suprising as CVSDude is run out of Australia. In the mean time, does anyone know of any good free Subversion hosting? I don’t get paid for developing MojaviBuilder so I don’t have a lot of money to pay for things like Subversion hosting accounts.

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