Jun 03 2005

New Bike For A New Adventure

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Suzuki Bandit
As you may, or may not, I have recently splashed out on a new bike. Yes I finally hung up my gixxer keys for the last time and can now been seen riding around the island of Guernsey on a Suzuki GSF600-K3 Bandit.

The bike in question is a 2003 model Bandit that was original purchased in 2004 by a friend of my sister. The original purchaser found the bike was too big for her and so it has been sat in a garage for that past year with only 200 miles on the clock.

The bike is in absolutely mint condition and was being sold at a price that I couldn’t refuse. Plus I wasn’t sure that my old gixxer would be up to touring holiday in Norway so this bike was a bit of a god send in that respect.

I’ve had to buy a few parts for the bike, in order to get it ready for the trip, such as a screen and rear hugger but I’ll post more about those latter.

So here’s to a new bike for a new adventure. I’ll be leaving Guernsey on the 11th June and hopefully I’ll be keeping my blog up to date as I make my way to the north of Norway and back.

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