Jun 15 2006

Bandit Power Rant

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This is a pre-solution rant about my Bandit. After my last “accident” with the bandit, in which it had to go back to the garage to be fixed, I seem to be having some problems with the battery. It seems that if I leave the bike for more than a week when I next try to start the bike the battery is dead. I have had to re-charge the battery twice since getting my bike back. At the moment I am having to ride to work every day as I have to go to my parents at lunch to feed the chickens whilst they’re on holiday, and although I am riding eight miles a day the battery doesn’t seem to be charging very much.

In fact, the battery has absolutely minimal charge in it. The is so little charge that each time I start the bike it takes so much power from the battery that the clock gets reset. I’ve tried disconnecting the spot lights in the bellypan, and I’ve even disconnected the alarm and intercom unit in case they’ve been draining the battery whilst the bike is switched off but that doesn’t seem to have made any difference.

This weekend my good friend Phrixus is going to lend me his battery recovery/charger electrickery thingyumy wotsit which will hopefully sort out the battery. He is also going to lend me a multi-meter so that I can testthe voltage and charge usage of my bike whilst running and when switched off, which should tell me if the alternator is working correctly and if there is an electrical short or if something is draining the battery.

Watch this space to find out the results. If I get around to it I may also write a battery trouble-shooting guifr to the bandit.

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