Feb 01 2006

Bandit Bellypan

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Last Friday I received the bellypan that I ordered from BanditMania. The bellypan that I ordered was a Roca bellypan with halogen headlights. As far as I know Roca is a french after market parts manufacturer distributed by S2 Concept and I believe BanditMania is the only UK importer.

Fitting the belly pan was a simple affair. I required the replacement of several engine mount bolts in order to hold the bellypan brackets. The hardest part was wiring the halogen lamps. The instructions were to wire them up to the full-beam circuit on the bike but I decided that it would look more distinctive if they were on permanently. So I wired the lamps up to the parking light, which is on permanently. routing the wires up past the exhausts and the engine was rather interesting but it is now all in place and firmly zip-tied so it doesn’t touch any hot parts.

Now that its all fitted I must say that it does look rather good. I would recommend every bandit owner gets one of these bellypans but that would make mine less unique. I know of one other person on the island that has one of these bellypans (which is where I got the idea) but as far as I know he doesn’t normally take his bandit out.

Hopefully if it is sunny one lunch time I will be able to get the bandit out to take some photos of it. If Phrixus felt like taking some night-time pictures of it (to better show off the halogen lamps) I would complain!

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