Oct 07 2005


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Thanks to Phrixus for pointing me in the direction of the FAlbum plugin for WordPress.

I’ve only just installed it and already I’m really impressed. It was litterally a two second install:

  • Upload the files.
  • Authorise the plugin with Flickr.
  • Create a dummy page that redirects to the plugin.

It ties in really neatly with the site, I didn’t need to make any modification to the plugin… it just uses the current theme. Even the list of tags is using the right theme colours.

So far I have’t uploaded many photos to Flickr but that was because it was such a pain to try and get the images tied into my blog. Now with this plugin I’m sure I’ll be uploading a whole load more pictures.

You check out the photos that i have uploaded here, they’re mostly of my Bandit at the moment.

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