Mar 28 2006

Foldlets work with Protopage

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I’ve been checking the Google Analytics reports for and noticed that there have been a couple of referals from

Protopage is another AJAXed start page like Fold. Although from an initial play Protopage seems to be more advanced than Fold in several respects:

  • Works with IE (I tested with IE 7 beta)
  • Style themes
  • More configurable backgrounds
  • More standard widgets
  • Multiple pages
  • Docked panels
  • Expand panels by dragging

One of the first things I tested was whether or not it is possible to use my Foldlets within Protopage, and I’m please to say that they seem to run just fine, although I am thinking of adding a parameter to the search foldlet to allow you to configure how many search results are returned.

Because you can run Protopage in IE, it is posible to set it as an active background for your desktop (in MS Windows) so you can have your AJAXed start page as your actual desktop. I wouldn’t advise this if you have lots of panels as it is likely to be a bit of a memory hog.

However, for all its advantages over Fold, Protopage seems to be lacking something in its feel. So for the time being I think I’ll stick with Fold as it is still in beta and is likely to be improving in the not too distant future.

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