May 04 2006

A Guesture of Good Will

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Once again I have had to remove a page from my website. This time it seems that a certain person thinks I have a grudge against them and the fact that my page came up as the third hit on Google was detrimental to their professional status. The page itself was simply reporting an event as I witnessed it and I have no personal control over the way in which Google sorts search results.

To show that I have no personal vendetta against this person I have remove the page, although the Google result will still show up and there will still be a cached version on Google and probably a copy in the web archive… that is beyond my control.

Should the person in question like to offer a thank you for my efforts to remove the post and should they wish to sit down and discuss their technical abilities I would be more than willing to (for a beer). But from this point on I consider the matter of my former post over and the hatchet buried.

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