Apr 05 2007

Keyboard Wallets

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Keyboard Wallet

I had the day off work yesterday because of a problem with my neck. Apart from being in a lot of pain I took it as the perfect opportunity to do some crafting that I have seen recently on the Make: blog. This was quite a simple home-made wallet constructed from the innards if a keyboard and some clear parcel tape, the full instructions for which can be found on the instructables website.

The construction of the wallet was fairly simple and took me a maximum of twenty minutes to complete. However, there are a few things I’d like to point out that I did that you might want to learn from. Firstly I decided to use clear duck-tape instead of the parcel tape recommended in the instructables. I felt that duck tape would be able to endure more abuse, it also has a nice weave pattern to it.

Secondly, when you’re sticking ur wallet together make sure you remember which is the inside and which is the outside. I got it wrong and now my wallet doesn’t close terribly neatly.

Keyboard Wallet 2

Thirdly, make sure you have enough keyboard innards to finish your wallet. I only had one keyboard so I’ve got one less pocket in my wallet than the instructables has. You would recommend at least two keyboards.

Finally, the dimensions given in the instructables give you a wallet that is 3 inches high. Whilst this may be fine for American notes it is only just big enough for UK notes. I’d recommend make you wallet a half inch taller so that if you need to put £50 notes in it they’re not sticking out of the top… luckily I don’t suffer from that problem too often.

For those readers living in Guernsey that are having problems tracking down duck-tape, I finally discovered that Norman Piettes stocks it, althought it is a whopping £6something a roll!

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