May 08 2007

I Got Fishies ^_^

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The water in our new fish tank finally passed the nitrates test for it to be suitable for fish. So Saturday we went out and got some fish. It was recommended that we start with a few fish (about 6) so I got a male and a female platy (both silver/blue) and a male and a female Siamese fighter (both blue) – if you didn’t already know I like blue ^_^

Well, after getting them home and put in the tank they looked kinda small and lonely, so next day we headed back to the fish shop (Bishes Fishes) and got a couple more fish – two more silver/blue platies and a Pictus catfish.

Everything seemed to be going fine and the fish seemed to be going fine and we even came up with names for the fish. The catfish was the first to be named. He seems to have hyper active tendencies so we thought about calling him ADD or ADHD but finally settled on Ritalin, although he seems a little shy and hides when you walk past the tank.

The male Siamese has been named Stupid…. because he is! The female is known as SUB (Stuck-Up Bitch), again because she is. At least the male is fairly active, the female mainly hides in the plants or under stones.

Finally, the platies were called Mob, Bob, Flob, Slob. I have no idea why, thats just what we called them. I guess the male was Bob but alas he is no more. Bob was our first casualty. He was always the least active of the platies so at first I didn’t realise he’d died this morning until he didn’t come up for food.

The other fish seem to be doing fine though so hopefully we shouldn’t loose any more in the near future.

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