Oct 29 2007


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This past weekend I’ve been rather active on the shopping front.  First off, I’ve indulged myself and bought myself a new motorbike.  I had been thinking about getting a new one for a while now but, being my lazy self, I’ve not been bothered to do anything about it.  With my good friend Shane looking at getting a bike (possibly my Bandit 600) I finally got my act together.

BMW R1200GSWhen I started looking I was thinking about something like a GSX-R750 (again) or an R6.  Instead I’ve swung to the complete opposite end of the motorbike spectrum and have put a deposit on a BMW R1200GS.  I wasn’t looking for anything that big but I took one out for a test ride and have fallen in love with it.  Whilst it has got an engine twice the size of my Bandit, it is a lot more economical, most reviews seem to suggest it should manage 45mpg, so with a 33 litre tank I should be able to do 300+ miles.  That’s nearly double the range of the Bandit!  Now I just need to get the finance and insurance sorted out.

The other purchase was for the fish tank.  For some time now we have had a Gibbiceps Plec that was far too big for the tank – about 6 inches in a 45 litre tank.  So, this weekend we finally took him back to Bishes Fishes.  Unfortunately, getting rid of the plec meant that we lost out main algae eater, so we decided to get another smaller plec, although I can for the life of me remember the type.  As well as the new plec we also got two freshwater shrimps to help clean up the bottom of the tank.  As we were return the Gibbiceps, we got one of the shrimps for free ^_^

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