Dec 04 2003

If all else fails, blame the hackers.

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Now, I’m not really one to get into political debate, and I have been trying to keep this site as pro-hacker-less? as possible, but when the [US] government starts blaming hackers for their inadequacies I really feel that I have to? say something.

I was reading this ? articleand couldn’t help but spot the stupidity of the whole thing. It seems to me (from only as brief read)? that the whole article tends towards changing the way that people use the internet, rather than changing the way the? that the internet is put together.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but if you put temptation infront of a human and tell them not to go near it…? well, go figure. The result is the whole Eve eating the forbidden fruit scenario.

Surely if you don’t want someone do to something you simply remove all possible access to it. The clasic? example from this article is the theory that hackers could have played a part in the American blackouts. How? Why were? power control computers allowed within a hundred miles of the internet? If its possible to bridge the gap between the? internet and a mission critical computer then surely the only sensible thing to do is increase the gap. Don’t wait? until something goes wrong and then point the finger at someone else, as thats the American way of doing things and,? quite franky, it sucks.

SO what are people planning to do about the failings of the network architects? Probably nothing short of a? pre-emtive strike at the freedom of the masses. My god, Americans really are dumb.

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