Dec 15 2003

Dictator Detained

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It seems to be common knowledge that Saddam Hussein has been arrested by the American Forces in Iraq. (Eye rack for the Americans among you). What I would like to know is how he is to be tried and prosecuted? Surely if he is a Prisoner of War he should stand before an independent tribuneral? How just can a group of people be at judging their own ruthless dictator? Or how fair could and American trial be? *cough* Guantanamo *cough*.

I would like for the trial to be held in one of the countries that was not involved in this latest Gulf War, and not in one of the countries that strongly opposed the war. I’m sure that President Bush recently said that any new European Forces coallition should not be used to undermine the UN? Whats the chances of him consulting the UN as to the fate of Saddam Hussein? I didn’t think so!

In fact, hasn’t President Bush, together with Tony Blair, done major damage to the credability of the UN by going ahead and blasting their way into Iraq? Was that just and fair? Will G. W. Bush ever listen to the UN again?

President Bush has to be stopped! I’m not anti-American. I have good friends living in America. I am anti-Bush-Dictatorship, as thats what it is now!

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