Dec 30 2003

Merry Christmas and a Military New Year

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Well, hasn’t this been a fun year and all that? What with me finishing Univeristy (I still can’t beleive it), the Bush regime taking full advantage of their fear provoking policies to war an unjust war on an unjust dictator and England winning the rugby world cup. The year seems to have just flown past.

The closing of the year, though, only starts more questions. Whats happening to the “none combatants” held in Guantanamo? Will G. W. Bush ever be brought down a rung or two? Will Beagle 2 ever broadcast Blur from the surface of Mars?

I’m sure that this next year will simply fly past and the same questions will remain, although possibly the Beagle 2 question will be resolved.

One interesting event (or several to be exact) has captured my attention. I have noticed that the US Military is beginning to keep an eye on my website. I got my first .mil hit in September 2003 and since then they have been regular visitors. The hit counts from .mil domains for November and December were:

  • 24 – December
  • 15 – November

As a result of this interest by the Military in my website I have decided that I should log the IP address and resolved names of the visitors. Please note that only addresses which resolve as .mil addresses will be logged, and no times of access will be logged. The results of this will be posted on this site, so keep your eyes open.

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