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Jun 29 2004

SO much to say, so little?

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Where to start? I’ve just come back from a weekend in sweden visiting an?
online friend of (nearly) four years. Went to an IT conference today… quite?
interesting for a techie – completely boring for everyone else. I have?
finally decided to write a new version of my MojaviBuilder in PHP-GTK (I’ll be?
doing an exe release for windoze users). Work is continuing on The Lost Revue?
website. I’ve been having some great ideas about my next version of GrinGod?
[dot] Com. My good friend Shane was leading a photo competition on photozo [dot] com.

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Jun 24 2004

Valuable Resource

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My good friend Phrixus sent me a link?
to www [dot] personal-budget-planning-saving-money [dot] com. This?
website is an excellent resource for people with money/debt problems. Since?
leaving Uni, I’ve become much better at saving money rather than spending it?
(ok, so I have one or two vices) but this guide has got some really good,?
sensible ideas. Well worth a read!

So much wuffie to Phrixus… I can feel the Bitchun society coming?

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Jun 22 2004

Peer recognition

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For a Free software developer there is nothing quite like having the?
recognition of your peers. That recognition can be from log file entries of people?
downloading your software, people sending a message via instant messaging or?
(as I have just found) being included in the documentation of another?

I try to write software which I need myself and MojaviBuilder is a?
classic example of that. It wasn’t originally built to be distributed but now?
that it is I am glad that people are making use of it. So long as people are?
finding a use for it, MojaviBuilder development will continue.

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Jun 17 2004

Like s**t on a shovel

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Thats how good my new tyres are. I had to cough up ?250 yesterday to get? my new tyres, chain and sprockets fitted on my GSX-R but my god it was worth? it. I only have one little niggle and that is that the mechanic put the shift? lever back on slightly too high so I now have to lift my foot off the peg to? change gear.

The tyres more than make up for the shift lever. I’m still scrubing? them in but I already feel more confident on these than the old ones. I opted? to go for the Pirelli Diablo’s after reading a tyre review in BIKE magazine? (I’ll get the URL for you later) as the Pirelli’s came top of the crop.

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Jun 15 2004

Bogged Under

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I just thought I’d let y’all know about work on Mojavi Builder. I know its?
only a couple of weeks since my last update release but I know I get really?
hacked off when other developers don’t tell me whats going on.

Basicalyl, whats happening is that I’ve got really bogged down at work?
with specing a couple of new systems that we’re developing. I’ve also been?
deploying another system at a clients. That and I’ve been out sailing a lot?

I haven’t forgotten about Mojavi Builder and I have got some ideas as to?
how I want to take it forward… I’ve just got to find the time to do it,?
but I promise I will.

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Jun 14 2004

Silent apologies

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This is an apology, not for something I have done but for something I have?
been thinking. Soon after we had a move-around here at work my MP3-Player?
went missing (please don’t tell my mum & dad) and as I looked high and low for?
it but couldn’t find it the only conclusion I could come up with was that I?
had left it out at work and that one of the cleaners may have taken a fancy to?

Luckily I am an open minded, optomistic person and only mentioned it in?
passing to my boss but didn’t take it any further… just in case it did turn?
up. But I have still reserved an un-trusting thought for the cleaners.

This morning, however I had to take the drawers out of my desk, and lo?
and behold there was my MP3 player. My respect for the cleaners has now been?
restored in full. They do a good job around the office, especially with the?
amount of coffee I spill! And they’re not thieving b******ds after all.

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Jun 14 2004

Why am I nervous

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So this weekend was another mad one. We had the Dresdner sailing race. ?
That was a blinding race which we did fairly well in. Mystere was came in?
towards the front of the middle group, and in the final rankings we were eleventh?
(the team aim was to be in the top 25) out of 106 boats that started. I’m?
sure Shane will be posting more information about the race weekend on his?
site, so I’ll let you know when he does.

But what I’m nervous about is this lunch time. Today I shall be meeting?
Yrsa. I’ve known Yrsa for about four years now. And this will be the first?
time we’ve met in person. She’s come over with the dad and her sister for a?
holiday, so I’m going to meet them for lunch. Now I’ve just got to get to?
lunch time without passing out from sleep depravation of the past week.

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Jun 09 2004

I’m a plagiarist!

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As was rightly pointed out by my good friend Phrixus, the image below is?
indeed from his website and that not referring to his site is indeed plagiarism?
for which I apologise.

If you wish to see the gallery from which I obtained the image you?
should point your browser towards gallery [dot] phrixus [dot] co [dot] uk [slash]?

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Jun 07 2004

Sun-burn Sunday

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JumpI’ve gone and done it again. I went for a relaxing day in herm with my friends and managed to burn myself. Luckily it isn’t too bad.

Fun and games were had by all though. When we arrived in herm dave tried to pump up the dingy, only to find that it had a hole in it. So how do you get ashore? Swim, of course. Shame the water was f’ing freezing!!! So we had lunch in the Mermaid then went back to the boat. Luckily the tide had gone down a long way so we were about to wade out to the boat… the water was?
still f’ing freezing!!!

But not to be out done by a little cold waterwe decided to splash about a bit. I jumped off the boat a couple of times so shane could take some pictures. Dave scrubbed the hull of the boat. And everyone had fun… until we realised that we weren’t warm, we were numb to the bone!!!

What better way to get warm than to get changed into dry clothes and go down below decks for a little kip. Two hours later its time to head for home… lovely!

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Jun 04 2004

Sick PC.

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I’ve been haing a few problems with my computer at home recently. Its been?
dropping my internet connection and Trillian has been running a bit slow and?
loosing connections. And then a couple of days ago my computer went down?
completely. I couldn’t log in and the Dr Watson software was generating?

So what do you do? I tried re-installing windows over itself incase?
some dlls or config files had become corrupted. No luck there! It sorted the?
log in problems but the internet just wouldn’t work and I kept getting?
Messaging Service errors.

Next stop AntiVirus!!! Trying to install anitvirus both confussed me?
and confirmed my suspissions. Basically because it just didn’t want to?
install. In the end I had to use TaskManager to kill just about every process?
running on my PC (including Explorer) use regedit to clean the registery, reboot,?
kill all bar the essential processes again and the install antivirus….?

But wait, the virus definitions are out of date, so I get the antivirus?
to do a live update. Only it can’t find the update server. I try pinging the?
update server but it just comes back to I can ping Google and?
Amazon and Microsoft and a whole host of other sites, no correct that I can’t?
ping a rival antivirus company!

Luckily I know about %WINROOT%/system32/drivers/etc/hosts. The?
cheeky virus! Its gone and add a whole list of sites to my hosts list that?
point back to So I delete those and try live update again…?

Virus Count
Next comes the full system scan. I didn’t get the chance to do a?
complete scan of my system, but as the image shows… I appear to have had a rather?
severe infestation. The antivirus found instances of Wichia and Beagle, and?
thats only half of my system scanned.

I shall do another complete system scan tonight and see what it comes up?
with but the moral of this story is… never think you can be got!


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