Oct 27 2004

A Sad Wake-up Alarm

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I was saddened this morning by my wake-up alarm. I use my radio to wake me up in the morning, and i’ve got it set to come on just in time for the “Buzz-off” feature on the Chris Moyles show on BBC Radio 1.

Today, however, I was woken up to the sad news that John Peel died yesterday.

John Peel was one of the all time great (if not the greatest) radio DJ’s. His show was the sort of show that anyone of any age or musical taste to listen to and enjoy. His choice of music was inspiring, many times I found myself listening to tracks that I would never have normally listened to and I would enjoy them. Nowhere else on the radio could you find a DJ playing a Hardcore Drum’n’Bass track followed by a Hillbilly country and western track…. and they’d both sound really good!!!

John Peel really was a great man. May the memory of him live on!

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