Nov 22 2004

Theory Test Under My Belt

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This morning I attended the Guernsey College of Further Education to take my Motorcycle Theory Test. I had 15 minutes for the practice/introduction to the test and 40 minutes for the actual test. I think I managed to make the practice stretch as far as 5 minutes, and that really was getting boring. The actual test I think I managed to read the questions three times and sat there for a while pondering the answers and still only managed to make it last 15 minutes.

The results… a disappointing 33 out of 35 (30 needed to pass). One of the questions I got wrong was for Hazard awareness and the other was Guernsey specific. So I now have a theory test pass certificate, all I need to do is pass my practical test and I’ll be able to ride where ever I like in the world (personal safety considerations allowing).

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