Feb 27 2004

Fun In The Snow…

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… or not as the case may be. I am, of course, talking about riding my GSX-R750 in the snow. The fun started last night whilst riding home and the bike started "spluttering".

This morning, however, after allowing the bike to idle for a few minutes to warm up I started off for work. About 30 seconds into the ride the bike decided that full-on back-firing was the order or the day. Now this has happened to me before, one of the plugs gets gummed up so I blasted it to get it cleared again.

So picture the scene…. a long straight road, a few people walking along it on their way to work, someone out for a morning jog, another person walking their dog all quite pleasant and calm…. then suddenly a bike comes screaming along the road, back-firing every half-a-second. I think you know what I mean!

I thought that had got it sorted as the bike started running fine. How wrong could I be. On my way into work I had to go up a rather steep hill, only today there was a queue of traffic up it. So I’m crawling up the hill, sliping my clutch when she decides to play silly buggers again. So there I was sat in a queue of traffic, facing up a steep hill, me revving up my bike, my bike back-firing back at me and neither of us going anywhere in a hurry.

To be continued……

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