Mar 02 2005

Dumb BMW Driver

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I just had the funniest thing happen to me as I was riding back to work. Between my house and my work is a long wide stretch of road that is usually clogged with standing traffic. This makes for perfect jam-busting on my gixxer.

Before I continue with this story I’d like to point out that I am a law abiding motorcyclist (since I got busted for speeding) and that all of my overtaking manoeuvres adhere to the Guernsey laws.

So, as I was saying, I was overtaking a queue of traffic on my way back to work. Just before a roundabout I pulled back into the queue of cars, infront (but not dangerously) of a BMW Z3. As soon as the lanes split for the roundabout the Z3 moved into the turn-right lane, which I thought nothing of as lots of people turn right at roundabouts.

What was strange is that instead of turning right he went right around the roundabout and came back infront of me to continue straight on. I can only think that he was annoyed that I had overtaken him and was trying to get one-up on me by outmanoeuvring me.

Outmanoeuvring me!!! Me on a motorbike and him in a car? He must be crazy. I can see his logic… kind of. After the roundabout is a solid white centre line and therefore most people think that you’re not allowed to overtake. Which is true… and false. The law states that you are not allowed to cross a solid white centre line unless you are turning right, i.e. no crossing the centre line to overtake. But I’m on a motorbike so I can overtake without crossing the line… so I do, and I promptly pull back infront of the lovely BMW Z3.

It’s little things like that that really make me want to piss myself laughing.

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