Dec 12 2004

I think I just entered a war zone!!!

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I’ve recently discover a set of .NET controls for creating docked windows and docked toolbars called SandDock and SandBar. They are free for use for freeware projects (MojaviBuilder) so I have decided to use them in my next release of MojaviBuilder.

Because I’m a poor software engineer I’m not able to afford a lisence for M$ Visual Studio.NET so I’ve taken to using #Develop as it is GPL’d so I can use it for free :).

Unfortunately I can for the life of me get the SandDock control to work from within #Develop. So what should I do? Ask for help on the forums, maybe someone else has had the same problem.

I also thought I’d check out the #Develop forums incase someone had posted there with the same problem. And I did come across a reference to SandDock but not the sort of reference I was looking for. It wasn’t so much a reference to SandDock as to Tim Dawson the author of SandDock.

It would seem that Tim has had a bit of a conflict of interests with the #Develop team. It seems that at about the same time as #Develop was being “developed” Tim Dawson posted an article on his own site about how to take advantage of the hosted WinForms designer. It would appear that the example code that Tim gave was remarkably similar to the GPL code that was provided in #Develop. If the code in Tims article was taken from the #Develop source (which is allowed under the GPL) then the article must also be GPL’d (as stipulated by the GPL).

I’m not going to say whether or not Tims code was taken from #Develop or whether or not the #Develop team was entitled to get Microsoft to strip Tim of his ‘Code Hero’ status because I don’t know the full story. I just hope that I haven’t opened old wounds. All I want is to be able to use free software to create more free software and all in my own free time…. is that too much to ask?

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