Dec 31 2004

WordPress Theming Gets a Facelift

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It looks like WordPress is changing the way they allow users to theme their blogs. Previously, users had two options:

  1. Simply change the wp-layout.css stylesheet
  2. Change the template files (and wp-layout.css stylesheet)

Eventually Alex King came up with the Style Switcher that allowed bloggers to change the stylesheet for their blog and (optionally) blog viewers could select what style they viewed the site in.

The downside of this type of themeing is that once you changed the .php template files that was it. If you wanted to go back to a previous style you had to make sure you made a backup of the previous template files.

With the new themeing, thats a thing of the past. All you do is create a new folder in the wp-content/themes directory and you’re away. From within the Admin panel, the blog owner can select which of the themes to display the site in.

You want a new version of a theme? Simple, copy the old theme to a new folder, make your changes and select the new theme from the admin panel!

Made a mistake? Fine, select the previous theme and delete the theme you no longer want.

With this new themeing model, you are able to have litterally hundreds of different themes on your server a none of theme need know about the others.

Now… whose for writing a random theme picker? Hows about a theme picker based on a mood plugin? Or based on the current weather? Or the most recent post category?

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