Aug 14 2006

FAlbum Lightbox with Pre-load

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I’ve finally gotten around to updating my FAlbum lightbox mashup. This version adds a feature that several people have been asking for… pre-loading images so that users don’t click on them before the lightbox is loaded. I can’t take all the credit for this one, in fact I can probably take very little. All the ground work was done by Matthew Litherland and it appeared on his blog first.

I have also fixed a bug that has been in FAlbum for a while (I will be submitting a patch soon) which only allowed the default style to be selected in the Admin Options panel. You can now add more themes as you see fit. To celebrate this fix I have included a free style, for your use and abuse, called hemingway… after the name of the theme I’m using on this blog by Kyle Neath.

There is a slight bug when using IE to view the thumbnails, in that the image overlay doesn’t sit in the top left (as it should). This is because IE doesn’t play nicely with CSS as it works correctly with both Firefox and Opera. If anyone has a fix for this please send it over and I’ll be sure to credit you in the next release.

I’ve now stopped providing just the diff files as it was a right royal pain sorting them out and as I’m now including a modified wp-lightbox2 plugin – for the flickr link and image pre-loading – its a whole lot easier to bundle the whole lot together.

The new mashup can be download from here or my downloads page.

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