Jul 11 2006

FAlbum Mashup – A game of two halves.

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Thanks to the people that have submitted suggestions and request. I am now half way through updating my mashup to work with FAlbum 0.6.6 and things seem to be going quite smoothly (apart from FAlbum only wants to use Default as the theme). So far I have managed to add a link to the Flickr page for the image that is currently being viewed in the lightbox (requires my wp-lightbox2 mashup) and I shall shortly be adding an overlay so that when viewing the thumbnails you can either bring up the lightbox or you can go through to the FAlbum page for that image.

In order to use the lightbox link to flickr you will be required to use my version of the wp-lightbox2 plugin but it should be fully compatible with the original wp-lightbox2 plugin so if you already use it you should be switch to mine without any problems.

I’m not going to release any files just yet as I want to get the overlay working first, I just thought you might like an update so you know things are progressing.

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