Jul 11 2006

FAlbum Mashup – Second half.

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I’ve completed the latest version of my FAlbum mashup and the files have been uploaded. This time I’m only releasing it as the complete plugin, this is because… well, I don’t really need a reason. I have also released a modified version of the Wp-Lightbox2 plugin to allow you to get the full set of features I have created.

The features this mashup provides (beyond the standard FAlbum features) are:

  • Overlay icon on thumbnails to provide access to Lightbox.
  • Link from lightbox image to Flickr photo page.

Now, if you do not click on the over link, you will go through to the FAlbum photo page. One thing to note about the Lightbox is that I will be trying to make it possible to navigate to images beyond the page you are currently viewing. This is due to the way the lightbox plugin works and I’m not about to re-write the lightbox.

To get the link in the lightbox through to the flickr page for the picture I have had to modify the Wp-lightbox2 plugin. The FAlbum mashup will work with the original version of the Wp-Lightbox plugin, you just wont get the Flickr link. Also, my modified Wp-Lightbox can directly replace the original plugin without requiring changes to any existing uses of the plugin. ie, its backwards and forwards compatible (as far as I have tested it).

All files are available from my downloads page.

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