Jan 07 2005

That Blogger Bar

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You may have seen the Blooger Bar that appears at the top of weblogs that are hosted by Blogger. It runs across the top of the page and really looks nasty when compared to the themes they provide (Random blogger blog).

Well, I’ve just set up my own blog on blogspot – sorry, can’t give you the address, its an experiment I’m running – and the first thing I wanted to do was get rid of that bar.

I tried several attempts at killing it off by using CSS and wrapping around the </head> tag.

Finally I managed to kill it off using this nifty peice of JavaScript:

var browserType;

if (document.layers) {browserType = "nn4"} if (document.all) {browserType = "ie"} if (window.navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().match("gecko")) {browserType= "gecko"}
if (browserType == "gecko" ) document.poppedLayer = eval('document.getElementById('b-navbar')'); else if (browserType == "ie") document.poppedLayer = eval('document.all['b-navbar']'); else document.poppedLayer = eval('document.layers['b-navbar']');
document.poppedLayer.style.visibility = "hidden"; </script>

The above JavaScript is based on code that I found here.

Of course since then I’ve found this blog which seems to be from a guy whose aim is beating the Blogger Bar.

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