Mar 17 2005

Notes on PXS Mail Form

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My friend Phrixus has just (in the last day I think) released a WordPress plugin called “PXS Mail Form“. It allows wordpress users the ability to create email contact forms in a WordPress article page.

This plugin seems to be popular and has been (I’m reliably informed) downloaded over 50 times since its release.

There are, however, a few points that I would like to make about it in the hope that a good plugin can be made even better:

  1. The plugin outputs its own CSS style code for the input boxes. I feel it would be better if it used the styles that are already used for the comment forms as the plugin would fitted in easier with different themes rather than users having to edit the plugin source code to change the style of the mail form.
  2. To create a mail form all the use has to do is insert a <!--mail form--> tag. Whilst this is a good approach I feel that it could be extended to allow more details to be passed to the plugin for example: <!-- mail form to=””-->. Also the mail form should be changed to mail_form
  3. The plugin should be added to the WP-Plugins repository, possibly with one-click install option.

Well, thats my five-cents worth.

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