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Feb 28 2005

Sailing Marks Catalogued

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My friends, and fellow sailors, Shane and Dave went out on Saturday (I believe) to record the marks that are used by the Guernsey Yacht Club for club racing courses. The aim was to record the GPS locations of the various marks and to photograph the marks as a visual aid when trying to spot them during races.

Shane has also put together a website which ties together a map of Guernsey and photos based on the GPS information.

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Feb 25 2005

New Discworld Film

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A film production company, “Almost No Budget Films“, has put together a dramatisation of Terry Pratchetts Discworld book “Lords and Ladies“.

There is a trailer available for the film, which demonstrates just how budget the film is. Apparently their budget for the fiolm was only 300 Euros.

The fact that it is a low budget film doesn’t matter though. Take Bad Taste, that was a budget film, albeit a larger budget of $11,000 but the Peter Jackson, the director of Bad Taste went on to direct the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

ANyway, I’m going to be trying to get me a copy of the “Lords and Ladies” DVD when it comes out in May.

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Feb 25 2005

Caffeine Counter

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For lent I am trying to reduce my daily caffeine intake from 7+ cups of tea/coffee to 3 cups of tea (no coffee). I am only allowing myself one cup of tea in the morning, one at lunchtime and one when I get home from work in the evening.

This is where I’ll be keeping track of my progress:

  • Time remaining: 27 MARCH 2005 00:01
  • Cups Consumed: 26
  • Allowance so far: 35
  • Total Allowance: 138

The countdown isn’t working at the moment as my web host isn’t allowing me to post <script /> tags to a HTTP form but I’ll get it working ASAFP.

Ok, so I’ve lost track of the number of cups of tea I’ve drunk. I know that I’ve been drinking at or below my self-defined daily cup quota, its just that I haven’t been updating this page and so I’m going to be removing from the top of my blog. These no point in keeping it at the top of it isn’t current.

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Feb 25 2005

I’ve Got An Excuse This Time

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Tor was only just back from America and was suffering from jet-lag so I just had to go along to bell-ringing to let them know.

Whilst I was there I had a go at ringing all of the different bells in the town church. I also had a go at ringing more rounds. I think I’m getting the hang of finding the balance point… I just need more practice to become more consistant.

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Feb 23 2005

From The i-told-you-so Dept.

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As I previously commented on a previous entry of mine I am waiting for Apple to drop the prices of their iPods before I purchase one for myself.

It appears that my prayers have been answered. I had been advised to keep and eye on by DamienG as they were post rumoured changes to the iPod range.
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Feb 23 2005

I’m Aching From Last Night

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Last night I had my first lesson in Tai Chi (sp?). It was an interesting experience but probably would have been more enjoyable if the room wasn’t so blooming freezing.

Although we weren’t moving around that much or very fast I could feel my body being stretched and exercised.

After Tai Chi I had to ride my gixxer home through the snow. It’s really difficult trying to ride a bike when the backend keeps on want to go ahead of you, and you can forget about braking. I eventually got used to pulling on the clutch and putting my feet down to slow me down gradually. Although the snow wasn’t very thick, it did take me 20 minutes to travel about quarter of a mile!!!

This morning my legs were aching. I’m not sure if its because of the riding in the snow or the Tai Chi. Either way my legs got a good workout, which is good isn’t it?

Tomorrow my arms will be getting a good workout when I go bell-ringing again. I’ve only been going for four weeks and already I am ringing in a round(?) which, I’m told, is quite good for a beginner. :)

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Feb 22 2005

Words My Server Doesn’t Like

Published by under GrinGod [dot] Com

I have found that there are several words that my hosting server doesn’t like me posting in HTTP forms. To begin with it was bit anoying but now I’m really starting to get pee’d off with it. The words that I have found so far are:

  • .htaccess
  • Python
  • cc
  • IP
  • SYNC
  • <script>

I’ve found that I cna get around the problem by inserting a HTML comment (<!– –>) in the middle of the word but when you’re trying to post an entry and keep getting a HTTP 500 error it gets very tedious.

If anyone knows why this should be could you please let me know as my hosting company doesn’t seem to be able to find the cause.

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Feb 22 2005

The Power Of The Gixxer

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I got my bike back this lunch time. The lights, indicators and horn are all working again. :)

It was quite a shock going from a little 50cc scooter back to my 750cc GSX-R. The scooter may have been a bit slow to accelerate but it was light and nimble and maneuverable where as the gixxer is fast to accelerate but heavy and un-responsive and difficult to maneuver.

But I like it !

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Feb 21 2005

Scooter Fun

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I took my gixxer back to the garage today (again!). This time it’s having its wiring sorted out. I have a minon electrical fault when the connector block for my headlights burnt out, so I’ve not been able to ride in the dark for the past week.

I managed to convince the garage that they should give me a loan bike, so I’ve got a little twist and go thing. This morning was the first time that I’ve ridden a scooter and now I know why. I thought the pick-up on my gixxer was slow but this scooter (compared with my bike) feels like its almost reversing. On a clear, straight stretch of road I managed to just hit 35mph.

I’m also used to braking with just the front brake on my Gixxer but on the scooter the first time I stopped I pulled on the front brake and it just carried on – the front wheel was locked but I was still moving forward!!! Also, I can’t quite get my head around this not having to change gears thing, it’s just not natural. And how can you stop without having to hold the clutch in? It just doesn’t make sense. And no I’ve never driven an automatic car either.

I guess I’ll get used to it. The one advantage it does have is that it’s got under seat storage… most usefull!

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Feb 18 2005

I Can Stop Any Time I Like

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Tors skiing in Colorado this week so I have no cover for going to bell-ringing. I guess it must be official now!

There were a lot more people this week as it is half term and so a couple of girls and their families that normally ring at St Peters church came along to the town church.

I rang my first round. It didn’t go terribly well but it was my first go and it was too too bad. Still I felt a little put out because a tiny little thirteen year-old was better than me, then again she has been ringing for over two years.

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