Feb 21 2005

Scooter Fun

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I took my gixxer back to the garage today (again!). This time it’s having its wiring sorted out. I have a minon electrical fault when the connector block for my headlights burnt out, so I’ve not been able to ride in the dark for the past week.

I managed to convince the garage that they should give me a loan bike, so I’ve got a little twist and go thing. This morning was the first time that I’ve ridden a scooter and now I know why. I thought the pick-up on my gixxer was slow but this scooter (compared with my bike) feels like its almost reversing. On a clear, straight stretch of road I managed to just hit 35mph.

I’m also used to braking with just the front brake on my Gixxer but on the scooter the first time I stopped I pulled on the front brake and it just carried on – the front wheel was locked but I was still moving forward!!! Also, I can’t quite get my head around this not having to change gears thing, it’s just not natural. And how can you stop without having to hold the clutch in? It just doesn’t make sense. And no I’ve never driven an automatic car either.

I guess I’ll get used to it. The one advantage it does have is that it’s got under seat storage… most usefull!

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