Mar 04 2005

Check Chain Tension

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I must remember this weekend to check the chain tension on my gixxer. I’ve noticed recently that gear changes seem to be getting a bit sloppy and when I back off the throttle there is a deffinate jolt when the chain catches up with itself – atleast thats the best way I can describe it.

Its not that long since I last tensioned it but I think I’ve developed a terminal case of downshifting too quickly. There is one corner on my way home from work that I always shift down too quickly on and lock the back wheel. Coming around the Vale Castle towards my house is a nice long left-hander, followed by a long right-hander which leads onto a short but fast straight (within the limits of the law!). At the end of the straight is a tight left-hander and its this corner that is causing me problems I’m shifting down too far for the amount that I’m braking.

I’m shifting from 4th/5th straight into 2nd but I need second on the exit of the corner to be able to get my bike upright again and excellerate out of the corner before go too far in the corner and ram the boats that are stored on the side of the road. There are two things I can do to correct this:

  1. Start slowing down earlier on the straight.
  2. Get a new bike with a slipper clutch and ABS.

I think I’ll try slowing down earlier… get me some good habbits before I get a new bike.

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