Sep 13 2005

Bandit Parts

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Bandit Parts

I remembered to take a photo of my new bike parts just as I was about to leave for work this morning. This isn’t all the parts as I have also got the wheel spindle, brake lines, a second brake disc, and another new tyre – I think the one in the photo is a rear tyre, I also have a front tyre.

As soon as my parents car is back from the garage I shall be taking the front wheel and tyre to get them fitted and then I’ll be able to get on with fixing the bike.

One thing I need to check is the spacers the are on the damaged front wheel as I think I may be missing some, so I hope I’ll be able to salavage them if I need to.

I also need to check what bolts and washers I need for the brake lines and whether or not I can re-use my old ones.

But that can wait for another day.

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