Feb 23 2005

I’m Aching From Last Night

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Last night I had my first lesson in Tai Chi (sp?). It was an interesting experience but probably would have been more enjoyable if the room wasn’t so blooming freezing.

Although we weren’t moving around that much or very fast I could feel my body being stretched and exercised.

After Tai Chi I had to ride my gixxer home through the snow. It’s really difficult trying to ride a bike when the backend keeps on want to go ahead of you, and you can forget about braking. I eventually got used to pulling on the clutch and putting my feet down to slow me down gradually. Although the snow wasn’t very thick, it did take me 20 minutes to travel about quarter of a mile!!!

This morning my legs were aching. I’m not sure if its because of the riding in the snow or the Tai Chi. Either way my legs got a good workout, which is good isn’t it?

Tomorrow my arms will be getting a good workout when I go bell-ringing again. I’ve only been going for four weeks and already I am ringing in a round(?) which, I’m told, is quite good for a beginner. :)

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