Feb 15 2005

Wireless ADSL

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I’m borrowing a Netgear Wireless ADSL router this evening to test out whether on not my parents house is any good for using a wireless network.

The problem with my parents house is that I’m currently living in an extension wing that runs out from the back of the house whilst the rest of the family is in the main part of the house. This is made worse (for wireless networking) by the fact that the walls that seperate the extension from the main house are solid granite.

I’m taking home the router tonight to see where I can place the route to get good coverage throughout the house.

My aim for getting broadband is so that my sisters and nephew (FYI there are six/seven of us living in the house) can access the internet without kicking me out of my room, and so that I can get on with doing some work at home rather than having to stay late at or like I am atm.

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