Nov 03 2009

HowTo: Find WiFi Passwords In Snow Leopard

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One of the neat features that I used frequently in MacOS X Leopard & Tiger was the ability to use the wifi connection tool to get the passwords for wifi networks that you have already connected to.  Being a consultant I am constantly hopping networks and using different devices (Laptop, iPhone, etc.), plus I also often get requests from family as to what their wifi passwords are.

This handy password re-call feature was removed from MacOS X Snow Leopard.  Once you entered a password in the wifi connection dialog box you couldn’t go back there to retrieve it.  This is probably a security measure, as it didn’t require the user to enter a password to get at the wifi password.

Well, I have just figured out how to get at them again.  All the wifi passwords are stored in your Keychain.  You can access the information using the Keychain Access application that is located in /Applications.

Wifi Keychain

You need to look in the System keychain, there you should find all the AirPort network passwords for all the wifi networks you have connected to.  Just double click on the one you want to see and click the “Show password” checkbox.  You will be prompted to enter your administrator password before being shown the wifi password in plain text.

Enjoy :-)

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