Mar 08 2004

Shocking Shock!

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How gutted am I? I’ll tell you…. totally. I spent most of Sunday afternoon washing and polishing my bike so that it now looks the cleanest it has done for a long time. Once i’d finoished I decided to take her out for a spin to make sure the engine was dried out.

So I was riding along at quite a sedate speed (my speedometer cable is busted) a I started to think that my arse was starting to hurt a bit more than normal, and the back-end was feeling a bit rigid. So at the next set of traffic lights I bounced the back-end a bit….. only it wasn’t bouncing!!!! DOH!

It would appear that the back shock has given up on me :( I’ve got a quote for a new Nitron shock from Bike Torque Racing at ?295. The Nitrons are a UK maed shock, all hand built to order. Its a nice shock, the down side being that I’ll have to wait three weeks for it to be made and dispatched!!!

I think it is time I invest in a paddock stand, because with going away to Iceland and sailing at easter, theres no way I’ll be able to afford to buy the shock and get a garage to fit it… and its about time I learn a bit more about my bike.

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