Jun 02 2004

What a weekend!

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My god. I’ve never had a weekend like that before and I hope its not the?
last. It kicked off on Friday night with Dave and I heading out to put up?
tents, tables and chairs at two locations in Guernsey. After much running?
around we got it mostly finished before heading into the Cock & Bull for late?
night bevvies with my sister and her friends.

Saturday morning I was up almost bright and early to take guitars and?
stereo to one of the party venues before going and putting up another tent. ?
That evening went without a hitch although I did get a bit bored towards the?
end as people were mingling and drinking and I wasn’t drinking and didn’t?
really know anyone to mingle with.

Sunday monring I was up early again to collect my works van to shift?
tables, chairs, stereo and guitars from the previous party to the next party. ?
Unfortunatly the work van got a puncture and so by the time i got there all?
the tables had been shifted.

The sunday afternoon party was supposed to start at 2pm. But us lot,?
being Ritchies, managed to roll up at about 4pm…. I think I got some black?
looks for having come screaming up the road on my bike and then revving as I?
came into the drive.

Sunday afternoon was a good one though. Much more relaxed and I got to?
talk to a few people… there really were some characters there!

Monday morning was none existant

Monday afternoon, back out with Dave to take down tents and tables and?
chairs. Then relax at home for a while before heading out to town in the?
evening for my sisters party in Laskas.

I think I could do with a second weekend to sit down and relax for a?
while. Unfortunately I have got work to go to and I’ve also got my sister?
breathing down my neck about The Lost Revue website.

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