Apr 04 2005

Beyond A Dream

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I had the most whacked up dream last night. I dreamt that I had just come home after being at work all day and the phone rang. Someone else answered it and called shouted for me as the person was phoning for me. On picking up the phone I discovered that it was the Queen [of England] that was calling.

She had called me because she’d had previous dealing with me through work and was now having problems with her printer and so she called me to see if I could help fix it… which I did. At the end of the call she said something about phoning me in the next week to see if I could help her with setting up a network and possibly WiFi and I remember suggesting that she looked into VoIP as thats the way phones are going and that if she’s setting up a network it may be a good time to invest in VoIP.

After the phone call I remember thinking “I guess that answers one of my questions… the Queen does use a computer”.

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