Dec 14 2004

Auto complete comes of age

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This article at sitepoint highlights a nice new feature that google is developing for their search engine… autocomplete.

There are, of course, good and bad things about this feature. The first immediate bad point is googles choice of word filtering. The most obvious words, such as f**k and c**t are being filtered, but also more ambiguous words such as tits. Those of you that are as single minded as google will immediately think of the female variety, but there is also the feathered variety. Google does allow you to search for bluetit but really doesn’t like you searching for bluetits.

The good side of the autocomplete feature is that it gives you a good idea of the keywords and links to add to your site to try and boost your ratings and get you further up the alphabetical list.

Finally there’s the comedy factor… just try typing in “bill gates is ” or “george bush is “, I’m sure you can think of a few others. And the first item when you type in “h” is (Microsofts rival to GMail), and I wonder why “Paris Hilton” is at the top of the “p” list?

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